What is Astro Tourism?

Astro Tourism combines the exciting sphere of travel with the stimulating field of Astronomy that unravels the wonders of the sky. It is a novel concept coined by SPACE Group India. SPACE is proud to be India’s Premier Astronomy Education and Astronomy travel provider. With more than 10 years of experience, SPACE has developed an expertise in designing astronomy related travel program for the school, college and other communities, with an aim to develop a lifelong interest in science, nature and the environment. Our vision is to promote understanding of local environment issues, as well as a deeper awareness of how communities interrelate around the world. Astronomy and Travel are related. One can travel to Astronomy related places or it can be a subject that you can discuss with people you meet in faraway places. Astronomy can be an inspiration to start travelling to understand our own world better.

How is Astro Tourism different from any other school trip company?

Our itineraries can translate the laboratory lessons and classroom curriculum’s into practice and relate to the people and environment of a local region, with its unique astronomical offering along with geology, flora & fauna.

How old do I have to be to travel with Astro Tourism?

The school students who generally travel with us on international tours are between 11 and 17 years of age. For Domestic tours, the age bracket is 7 to 17 years depending on the programme selected.

How can I travel with Astro Tourism?

You can travel with Astro Tourism for tour either through your school or individually. Your school admin will announce about any upcoming Astro Tourism tours. If your school is not travelling with us you can individually apply for any of our international programs.

What is the quality of accommodation?

We provide safe and clean, 3* and above properties. We are very diligent while choosing the property, student’s safety is our prime concern. As we have around more than 10 years of experience, We select hotels/resorts which have proven to provide the best of services and secure environment in the past.

How do you ensure the tour and tour members safety?

Student safety and security is our prime concern. We ensure lifetime memories of Tours. We ensure the group safety by providing:

1. A tour supervised by a Tour Leader who is well experienced and knowledgeable and delivers education while travelling.

2. Insurance cover for the each tour participant for the duration of the tour.

3. Medical kits and tour leaders well trained on first- aid for the tour.

How do we get to know about the tour status updates?

We provide regular tour updates through Astro Tourism Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/astrotourismltd) and twitter (www.twitter.com/astro_tourism). This will help you parents to have an overall status of the tour progress.

Where can I get answers to my queries related to the tour?

For any queries, do get in touch with us by writing us at support@astrotourism.in or you may give us a call at 9212669950/82.

Where can I contact to book a Tour for my school group?

For bookings, you may get in touch with us at support@astrotourism.in or you may give us a call at 9212669922/50.

What is the recommended teacher student ratio?

The industry practice is of 1 adult per 10 students (1:10), but some international schools prefer a ratio of 1:7.

What kind of food can we expect during our overseas journey?

We provide delicious and hygienic food during the journey which comprises of local cuisine for students to have the experience of the culture. We try to provide at least one Indian meal daily, especially in dinner.

Does Astro Tourism guarantee provision for securing a visa?

Astro Tourism can facilitate the students for Visa application documents submission, booking and preparation for the Visa interview with the Embassy. However, the grant/decline of the Visa request is solely on the visiting country’s Consulate’s decision.

So, Astro Tourism in not responsible for the grant/decline of a candidate’s Visa request.

What kind of clothing should the students carry for the journey?

We provide the list of important things to pack in our Travel Advisory. The extensive list is provided on the basis of location and season of travel to the travellers.

What is the total group strength required for the journey? What if the group strength is not achieved?

The group tour rates are provided for a minimum of 40 participants. If your school provides a group or 40 or more students, the group could be formed individually. In case the school is unable to provide the minimum number of participants, Astro Tourism India Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to merge the school group with another school group so that the students can travel economically.

In the scenario where the minimum number of students is not achieved even after merging the groups, Astro Tourism India Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to either postpone or cancel the journey.

Can the students visit their relatives or friends there?

In order to adhere with the student safety norms, we don’t allow students to meet their friends/relatives. Moreover, the itinerary is fully packed and the student will not have a chance to get enough time to see his/her relative.

What kind of insurance will be provided by Astro Tourism?

The insurance covered by Astro Tourism is comprehensive and provides for expenses incurred on medical treatment, passport loss and baggage loss.

What kind of flights will be provided?

We work with all the major airlines, booking of particular flights depends on the time of travel and availability of seat in the flight.